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New restaurant with fresh products and wines from Georgia

150 seats and more than 128 dishes

Each dish is calculated for at least 2 person

In a big Georgian family from Racha Village

+ live music

+ a hearty Georgian lunch for 1000 tenge

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When ordering a banquet you receive as a gift: from 10 persons: 2 bottles of Georgian wine
from 25 persons: half a liter of Chach (0.5 liters)
from 50 persons: 5 khachapuri "Imeruli"
from 125 persons: design decoration of the hall as a gift
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Kitchen of Your Georgia MAIN MENU
Immerse yourself in our restaurant GALLERY
The kitchen is not adapted to Kazakhstan. Many of the products and all the wines were directly imported from Georgia.
"Guest wish is the rule" in everything, but not in the recipe of preparation of Georgian dishes in Racha Chacha
Our goal is to receive 3 Michelin stars. We will always work on the quality of service, and strive to improve all aspects of Racha Chacha to reach it's level.
"3 "3 toast for everyone ", "A toast to each elder," "all pitchers should be full" - is just the beginning of all the traditions of Georgian culture
The long-awaited in Almaty
The restaurant is very kind to the process of preparation of national dishes. So we decided to organize a permanent supply of necessary and specific ingredients directly from the places of their natural habitat. In order to maintain the level and the atmosphere, the staff is made up of ethnic nationalities speaking their native language and possess a sufficient level of Kazakh or Russian languages to serve the local population. Thus, we want to create a welcoming corner of Georgia in our Almaty.
Your Tbilisi in the center of Almaty Georgian cuisine
Centuries-old traditions
Racha Chacha - a unique restaurant of Georgian culture, opened by caterer, who has restaurants in Tbilisi. Restaurant Team: manager, chef, cooks, waiters, bar-girl, singers - brought straight from Tbilisi! Every evening, you will find live music, delicious Georgian dishes prepared with love and intimate atmosphere of Georgia! In Georgian culture taken cover a large table! For a table sit a big company, that's why 1 serving Georgian cuisine is designed for 3 people. In our restaurant, all the dishes are prepared on all the traditions of a chef from Tbilisi!
Most valuable YOUR REVIEWS
  • Daughter and mom from Tbilisi
    Visited your restaurant for the first time. We are glad that there was a piece of our beloved Georgia here in Almaty. My mother was born and raised in Tbilisi. Twice it was nice to experience Georgian hospitality and friendly attitude of the staff of the restaurant. Special thanks to George. We recommend your friends to visit your restaurant. Well-being and prosperity...
    The Sozmyevs
    Not the first time in this restaurant, enjoyed food, service, and great soloist repertoire. Waiter George - well done! More to you worthy customers! We will come again, again and again many times.

  • Very friendly family
    Well done guys!!! Excellent kitchen. Like your soloist. Very tasty watermelon jam (actually it was for free!). It is very comfortable and beautiful. Girl waiter very polite. Thank you for your kitchen. I wish you prosperity and decent guests !!! Pleasant interior and good music. Spacious, bright, cozy !!!

    The Ospanovs
    Dear friends! Thank you for your holiday, you have given us on this special day! Magic kitchen and delicious wines, as well as a great soulful music of your restaurant won our hearts! We, our family and friends will recommend the restaurant to all our friends! See you!

  • • Sand, Birzhan and Dias
    Everything is good, even excellent. Very tasty, the staff is very attentive and polite. The kitchen is great - I would say that come to the restaurant just to give you and friends. Only the music of the Georgian larger - and smaller Russian music. Keep it up. Very pleased!!!

    Birthday man
    Today, we are celebrating my birthday. I want to thank Nino, George and Inge for the excellent professional service. I liked georgian food. All the guests were delighted! Great dancers and performance remarkably talented singer. This is a restaurant of the highest class! Racha Bravo!

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English-georgian  DICTIONARY
Hello! გამარჯობა Gamardjoba!
Thank you! მადლობა Madloba!
Darling! საყვარელო Sakvarelo!
I want wine! ღვინო მინდა Ghvino mida!
Tasty! გემრიელი Gemrieli!
I love you! მე შენ მიყვარხარ Me Shen Mihvarhar!
See you! ნახვამდის Nahvamdisi!
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Zheltoksan str., 37,
Makatayev str.
(House of Unions)
+7 727-222-2522
 +7 701-516-1095

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